Frequently asked questions

What is is web application which on simple and easy way, with automotized processes

  • collects prices from couriers for given request,
  • unifies them
  • and that so polished data displays to user in the form of offers, quotes for sending its shipment,
  • automatically filles in the great number of requested data,
  • forwards booking request to the chosen courier to collect the parcel on requested date and
  • after thet, gives to user possiblity to track it parcel (where available), parcels history etc.

What is

No. Your parcel will deliver courier you choose through application, and for all additional information and claims its necessery to call chosen courier directly and refer to parcel number. is web application which connect users with couriers, facilitates users and couriers to get in touch.

In which way can help me?

  • saves your mouney. You choose the courier which suites your requests, and everything other is on us. The service of is free of charge for you.
  • saves your time for organizing the sending of parcel.
  • keeps the history of yours parcels on one place, in your account;
  • tracks the status of all of your parcels on one place.

Is it necessary to register to be able to use all the benefits applications?

Yes. To fully be able to use all benefits and functionality you must be a registered user. The registration procedure is very simple and will spend a minute or two, but will, on the other hand, every time you send a shipment you will save 10-15 minutes.

What services you can book through

Through you can schedule a courier who will:

  • Deliver shipment (document, package, cargo) anywhere in your country next business day.
  • Deliver shipment (document, package, cargo) within your city same day*.
  • Deliver shipment (document, package, cargo) anywhere abroad as soon as possible.

*this service is also availble between Belgrade and Novi Sad.

*At any time with standard service you can use some of additional services:

  • Additional inurance (for shipments with specified ammount )
  • Cash on deliverz
  • Return of signed documents
  • Personal delivery

What documentation is necessary to enclose when sending shipments abroad?

When sending abroad samples and private stuff you need to enclose pro form invoice and copy of your id, and when sending some stuff for export you need to enclose invoice for that products.

  • collects prices from couriers for given request,
  • unifies them
  • and that so polished data displays to user in the form of offers, quotes for sending its shipment,
  • automatically filles in the great number of requested data,
  • forwards booking request to the chosen courier to collect the parcel on requested date and
  • after thet, gives to user possiblity to track it parcel (where available), parcels history etc.

What is regular, and what is value registerd shipment?

Ordinary registered shipment is a shipment that has your number and that is not specified the value of the shipment. Value registered shipment is a shipment that has its number and where the carrying value of the item.

What is the usual deliverz time to the recipient?

For domestic shipments, delivery time is usually the next working day. Deviations and extension can occur if the recipient is not at the first attempt at delivery, adverse weather conditions, in the event that the shipment of large dimensions and dimensions, or other unforeseen circumstances in which the carrier transport can be affected. For international shipments delivery time depends on the distance to the destination. will help in filling requests for show roughly the expected delivery time, based on estimates of courier services.

What is estimated delivery time for shipment sent on friday?

The shipment of surrender on Friday will be delivered the next working day to 17 hours. It may happen that a particular shipment delivered on Saturday, if it comes to the city / place where couriers delivers on Saturdays.

What is dimensional weight when it is applied?

For transport cost it is very important to have exact information about parcels dimensions. Dimensional weight is calculated as width x length x height and divede with number (5000, 6000) depending on courier. For payment courier will use the bigger weight.

Are the prices shown on final?

Yes. will show the final price for chosen service and courier, and for entered paarcel details. Courier can charge you additional fee if it doesn't succeed in delivery and also can calculate the new price if you enetered the wrong figures for demensions.or service.

Does can show or offer courier price?

Yes. on its website shows prices as an offer of courier service with which it has a partnership, as well as the prices that are informative and publicly available.

What goods ae forbiden for trasnport?

Postal Services Act provides that the shipment must not include: money, jewelry, precious metals, precious stones, animals, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, radioactive, flammable and other hazardous materials, weapons and ammunition, all objects whose transfer is prohibited by law.

What is meant by appropriately packaged shipment?

Adequately packed shipment provides the content of the consignment which will ensure the smooth operation of the process from receipt to delivery of the consignment. Packing and closing of packages must match the type, form, weight and value of items in the shipment. All return records must be in envelopes that are stuck on the shipment.

Shipment packing advices

  • Select the unused box (repeatedly used box provides less protection of your shipment)
  • Choose a box that is larger than the items you are sending.
  • It is important to secure the item that you send in a box of physical damage, especially if it's fragile.
  • More items in the same box required to be separated and protected. Be sure to disconnect the fragile objects from each other and from the side of the box.
  • When packing the box it is desirable to make the case further with paper, styrofoam, newspaper...
  • - If you use a box that is already used, remove or marker cross out all previously taped transport codes (codes, shipping labels ...)

How can I send my parcel?

You can send your parcel in 5 steps, fast end easy:

  • step 1 - enter your parcel details
  • step 2 - take a look on courier quotes and choose the suitable one
  • step 3 - fill in the booking request form
  • step 4 - wait for courier
  • step 5 - track your parcel status

How can I cancel the booking request?

Actually you don't, but you can request changing parcel details sending an email to with this request.

What will hapend with my parcel if consignee is not on its address?

Usually courier delivery performed twice. The first attempt was followed by a report of the arrival of the consignment which courier leaves the recipient's address. At the report is contact number that is used for an agreement on the next delivery in the agreed dates. If you do not make contact with the recipient, or if after the second delivery attempt is unable to deliver the delivery will be returned to the sender.

What is return postage fee?

Return postage will be charged in case of non-delivery and return delivery to the sender, when the same state that the recipient pays the postage to transfer shipments. Return postage is paid by the sender or the sender pays postage twice the amount, minus the cost of unexecuted special services.

Who is responsible if something happens to my shipment?

If damage has been proven fault of the carrier, carrier itself performs compensation. If the damage occurred due to the fault of the carrier, please contact the complaints courier service that transported your shipment. Damages selected Kurir done for all value in the amount of non shipments insured value regardless of the cause of damage. For ordinary registered parcel fee is different from courier to courier.

The sender is responsible for packaging and security of content in transport. Courier services typically do not perform compensation for shipments that are fragile (glass, paintings, various machines, some plastic ...)

How to start with reclamation procedure?

When the user services courier service wants to achieve compensation shall courier submit a written request for compensation. With a user submits a request to inspect a copy of the packing slip, referring to the advertised delivery and record of the failure or negative clip-like the sampling. All these documents shall be submitted directly to the courier service that transported your shipment for further action.